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Alcolizer Wall Mounted Tester

The Alcolizer WMs (wall mount series) has a long tradition of service to alcohol breath testing in Africa.  The Alcolizer is considered “best practice” when used as an evidential styled “self-tester” in mining and heavy industry.  Although it has undergone technology upgrades over time, the Alcolizer WM has provided accurate BAC readings on mine sites, on ships, for rail and transport depots, and in hotels and clubs since 1992.  The automatic re-calibration Alcolizer WM has become the standard by which all other wall mount breath testers are judged. As the first Australian Standards Certified wall mount unit, the Auto Calibration Alcolizer offers unrivalled accuracy and reliability, re-calibrating itself from its own internal NATA Certified gas standard every 24 hours.  With “evidential style” test mode of operation, no other wall mount breath tester can achieve the accuracy, performance and features of the Alcolizer WMs.

Product Detail:

Australian Standards Certified – AS 3547 Type III
Automatic Re-Calibration (Internal Certified Gas)
Programmable scrolling LED display (contact your distributor for assistance and options)
Data logging (contact your distributor for assistance with data download/backup or long term storage assistance)

Electrochemical Fuel Cell Technology (High grade Platinum Fuel Cell Technology as used in Police devices around the world)
Proven robust steel case
Low cost maintenance and consumables (standard drinking straws)
Three programmable BAC set point alarm levels (three relay outputs)