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DO 2003 HVAC Datalogger

DO2003 is a datalogger portable instrument, specifically designed to perform measurements in air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, environmental comfort, energy saving both for industrial and residential application by means of a complete series of probes dedicated. It measures:

  • Air speed and flow rate inside pipeline with hot-wire probes, vane probes or Pitot tube probes
  • relative humidity and temperature with combined probes
  • differential pressure up to 2000 mbar and barometric pressure
  • temperature with immersion, pointed or contact probes.

This datalogger stores up to 12.000 readings which can be downloaded to a PC connected to the instrument through RS232C serial port. Storage interval, printing, baud rate can be configurated on the menu.  “Record” (RCD) function calculates maximum, average and minimum values.  A big size dual display and a led series make the reading of data easy.  The instrument is provided also with these further functions: relative measurement, Hold function, zero correction for differential pressure probes and hot-wire probes.

Display: 3½ digit, dual LCD, figure height 12,5 mm. Unit of measure and other additional information are supplied with a led series.

No. 2 inputs: input A for air speed and pressure probes, input B only for combined temperature/humidity probes.

Storage capacity: 12.000 readings.
Storage interval and printing can be configured between 1 second and 1 hour.
Safety of stored data and battery charge situation unrelated.
Automatic switch-off after 8 minutes can be disabled.
Working temperature: -5°C..50°C. Relative humidity 0-90% RH. not condensing.
Storage temperature: -20°C..+60°C.
Power supply: four 1.5V alkaline AA batteries, , operating time with alkaline batteries 100 hours approx.
Probes input: 2 circular 8 pole DIN 45326 male connectors. 9 pole SUB D male RS232C serial output. Baud rate from 300 to 38400 baud.
Housing: ABS.
Dimensions and weight: 72x210x40 mm – 320gr.