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HD2124 Manometer-Thermometer

HD2124.1 and HD2124.2 are two inputs portable instruments with a large LCD display.

They perform measurement of absolute, relative, differential pressure and temperature. In order to measure the pressure you use the electronic module PP471 that works as an interface between the instrument and Delta Ohm probes series TP704 and TP705. Temperature is measured by means of Pt100 with SICRAM module or direct 4 wires Pt100 probes for immersion, penetration, contact or air.

Temperature probes are equipped with SICRAM module and factory calibration data are stored inside so that when the instrument is on it soon recognizes them.

The HD2124.2 is a data logger. It stores up to 32.000 samples which can be transferred into a PC connected to the instrument through a multi-standard RS232C serial port and a USB 2.0.  Instruments have IP67 protection degree.

Probe Selection Guide: