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Collision Prevention Flasher Light

A collision prevention flasher light system developed for placement on strategic locations on vehicles.

The flasher light is solar cell powered with no electrical interface required.

It is a low maintenance item and is a perfect safety solution for the avoidance of injuries typically caused by poor visibility resulting in collisions and pedestrian fatalities.

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In an operational environment high volumes of dust create a safety hazard for personnel, mobile and static machinery. This low visibility can lead to personal injury and vehicle collisions resulting in accidents, injuries or fatalities.


The CPFL unit was developed to be strategically placed on vehicle/machinery. The flasher light is self-powered (Solar) with a battery backup. It requires little to no maintenance and is an ideal safety solution in avoiding injuries caused by collisions.

 Key Features

  •  Standalone Flasher Light – no wiring connections
  • Self contained solar charging unit
  • Built-in battery power
  • Contains two 3W power LED light sources
  • Maximum instantaneous output of 150 Lumens
  • Each LED equipped with a 10 degree viewing angle spot lens
  • Robust, water and dust ingress resistant enclosure
  • Micro-processor controlled pulse sequence
  • Auto day-night sensor switch

Technical Specifications:

LED-Type: Luxeon Rebel
Cool White (430nm) or
Green (550nm)
LED pulse sequence: 3 times per 1.3 seconds
Battery: Lithium Polymer (3 year life)
Charging time at full sun: +- 3 hours
Operating time without charging in sun: 2 nights
Length: 208 mm
Width: 116 mm
Height: 18mm
Weight: 625g