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Compact Cap Lamp

This unique compact cap lamp was developed as an alternative to the traditional cap lamp and battery, with focus on weight, size, user comfort,reliability and maintainability.

Existing, traditional cap lamps are bulky, heavy, outdated and unreliable in today’s changing safety environment and generally contribute to miner’s stress while underground.

Battery packs can weigh up to 2,5kg, while the cord attachment restricts movement and the old-style lamps restricts vision into a fixed focus area.

Safety and durability

The CCL uses the latest LED technology which lasts as long as traditional lamps; is tough, waterproof and requires no maintenance. It is also safer, with no heat emission or chance of spark and therefore can operate in environments with higher methane concentrations.

Because the CCL uses new, compact batteries, there charging racks are optimised to make maximum use of space. At the same time, recharging time is faster, while the batteries have 10 hour duration between charges. In the event of an emergency, the dim function allows the lamp to operate for 20 hours from fully charged batteries.

Custom designed collimator produced in South Africa. The CCL patented lens uses the highest quality optical grade acrylic. The light is concentrated which helps illuminate the area at the user’s feet, further increasing safety.

Weighing in at 250 grams, the CCL makes users’ lives much easier. The fact that there is no external battery pack- and therefore no cord ensuring maximum movement to the user, leaving miners to concentrate on the job at hand more safely.

Summary of key features

  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Quicker charging cycles
  • LED charging indicators for AC/DC presence and charging/fault indicators
  • Compliant with new local and international standards
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance free (supplied on Service Exchange Policy)
  • Multi-functional beam
  • Dedicated LED light source
  • Custom designed collimator (lens)
  • Emergency dim function
  • Specialised electronic driver circuitry
  • Smaller charging stations/optimisation of recharging racks
  • Supplied with a lanyard

 Technical Specifications

LED battery duration when used on ‘bright’ 10 hours
LED battery duration when used on ‘dim’ 20 hours
Weight of whole unit 250g
Charging time of battery <4 hours
Charging voltage 7,5 – 15V
Light output >3000 cd at 0
>2 cd at 60
Colour temperature (CCT) 4000 – 6800 (degrees) K
Charging cycles >1500


IEC/SANS 60079-0:2005

IEC/SANS 60079-11:2007

IA MASC MS/11-062X