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TM-4001 Hotwire Anemometer

Hotwire Anemometer for use in occupational hygiene surveys and HVAC testing and commissioning.  Robust probe design and  large display for ease of use.

Product Detail:


Fast response telescoping probe.
Air flow volume.
Large LCD display.
Displays air (wind) speed in meters/second,feet/minute, kilometers/hr, knots, and miles/hr.
Displays maximum and minimum readings and holds any reading.
Manual Data Memory and read fucntion (99 records). (TM-4001/TM-4002)
Auto Data memory with USB interface (30,000 records). (TM-4003)
Dew point, Wet Bulb calculation. (TM-4002/ TM-4003)
Absolute pressure measurement. (TM-4003)